Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Little Feeling on the Left Side of my Lower Lip

I haven't posted in a few weeks because there really hasn't been much change with my numbness which is really the only thing I've been dealing with. In the picture the blue line shows you where I have some feeling in my lip...and it's just in that blue area, I'm still numb below that blue line and the rest of the lip. This is a major mild stone in the last few weeks and I just noticed it yesterday. It feels really weird when talking with someone because I feel like I'm fumbling over my lip to talk but it's just the numb one is noticing but me...LOL. My chin still has swelling in it and I was told that would go down over the first year.

I'm eating soft foods still, although I've been temped a few times but decided I should just be patient until I hear from my doctor. I went in last week to have some brackets replaced and Dr. K gave me triangle rubber bands on the left and two rubber bands stretching back to my back molar and the one in front of it...not sure what they call that one. I've noticed my jaw being tired as I think they really should have given me a splint to help give my back teeth something to bite into...but Dr. K didn't think I'd need it. They're trying to pull my mid line over to the right. I'm not quite sure how the rubberbands all work to do that, but I'm wearing them all the time except when I eat so I'm sure I'll get an "A" with that...LOL!!