Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Zip 'N' Squeeeeeezzzzzeee.....yum!
I just placed my order for this wonderful product that others have told me about....Zip 'N Squeeze bags. You can purchase them individually or as a package deal but I just bought what I thought I'd need for the six weeks I'll probably be wired shut. I bought both the liquid and pureed food bags, 3 food and 4 liquid which I'm sure will get me through those weeks. They're washable so that's a good thing. :) Great product because you squeeze them verses having to suck as the doctors don't want you to really...they forbid you from sucking so this is a great product!'m not being paid for this commercial but I'm just excited to know that they're available for all of us maxiofacial surgery patients. God Bless!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Oral Surgeon Appointment

Hi sure does fly by. I am not real good about keeping you all updated on my progress and so the new news is that I had an appointment with my Oral Surgeon this week...yay!!! Anywhoo...he met with my ortho, Dr. Kawakami and they discussed my case and when surgery should happen. Dr. K told him I'd be ready for surgery the end of January beginning of February and I started to panic as I've been tellling Dr. K that I need surgery before the end of the year due to the $4500 we've put into a Flexible Spending account for expenses that would be above and beyond what my insurance would pay for and if we don't use that money before the end of the year...we'll lose it!!!!!!!!!!! That's WAY too much money to be losing and we based this deduction on my ortho telling me that I'd be ready for surgery around May/June and it's now I'm a bit anxious with getting this taken care of before the end of the year.

Part of the surgery is having a sliding genio to reduce my chin that will be very prominent when they pull my lower jaw forward 6-7mm. Right now I have a beautiful chin but that will change when my jaw is moved will be quite strong and masculine and insurance will not cover that as they see it as cosmetic which my feelings is...yes...but I'm only doing it due to the fact that my jaw is misalligned and once it's where it needs to be that changes my entire facial appearance from what it once was to something that will look totally off balanced. My flex spending that we thought would help us to pay for the genio now we're finding that even with the flex spending account that you can not use "YOUR" money that you've put into this savings medical account pre tax dollars that you can not use it for plastic surgery....I'm FURIOUS! I just found this out and I'm about ready to explode as this is "OUR" money that we put into this account for this specific procedure thinking that we could pay for it because insurance would not cover it...and now we're finding out we can not use it for my genio. I'm going to be spending time calling the insurance company which the flexible spending account is through and having Dave follow up with his human resource department to work on our behalf to help us be able to use this money without losing it. Pray for me that everything will work out.

In talking with the financial person at the OS office I will have to pay about $2100 in hospital fees as well because I have not met my $500 deductible for the year so that's another expense I didn't think about so some of the flex money willl help to cover that but that will still leave over $2.000 in the Flex account to be used. So...there's a lot I need to be working on over the next few weeks so pray for me as I deal with insurance company. seventeen year old son has his braces removed a few weeks ago and his teeth look beautiful. I'll post a picture of him soon. He also is having surgery the day after Thanksgiving to have his four wisdom teeth removed as they showed up in his final xrays at the ortho office and they were sitting there pressing against his newly brace-free molars so they need to come more WISDOM for him. :) More pics to come soon.