Sunday, July 29, 2007

Overbite Update

Just thought I'd post a current picture update of what everything is looking like. This view you can see how much of an overbite I really have...pretty, eh? I can notice that my pallet is a bit wider than a few months ago...I'm excited to see just how full/wide my smile will be once the full expansion has occurred. I'm not drooling am I???? sheesh...what's a girl to do?!?!?

Friday, July 27, 2007

To Pik or Not to Pik...

This week my upper pallet has been a bit sore as things seem to be moving right along. I have a little swelling in the back right quadrant and it's sore because it's pressing against the acrylic of the expander. There's also been this little wire on the lower expander that has been scraping the underside of my tounge which is quite irratating...literally...LOL ...or did I mention my teeth are sore too...wahh...wahh...wahhh...ok...enough crying.

I've been eating a lot of yogurt, mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs and ice cream although yesterday I made myself a turkey and cheese sandwhich on Jewish Rye and boy was it good...but I was "tongue chasing" my teeth and expander because they were packed full of caraway seeds. I find when I try to use my tongue it pays a high price and comes out like it was in battle so I turned to trusty water pik to do the job. I'm always amazed at what those forceful sprays will emit and what a good job it does. I don't know how my son had his expander without one...TWICE...what a terrible mom, eh?!?! He forgives me...LOL...but he says the little thing they gave him to flush out the food worked just fine. It was like a food injector, where you fill it with water and push the end of it and it sprays the water through this long thin adpater thingie...

The water pik I have attaches right to the facet so I can adjust the pressure of it. It works great, I can take it with me and I'm not having to lug around anything heavy...the only downfall is that you have to remove the little filter thingie on the faucet and attach the adapter for the pik before you can actually hook it up. Above you see a pic of the one I have, it's called a RediPik. I prefer the RediPik because of the ability to control the pressure. Just to let you know...I am not a distributor nor do I know who's bright idea this is...LOL...I just know it works and I'm quite thrilled with it.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Appointment for Two...

My son and I had an ortho appointment today. He is just about ready to get his braces off...if he'd wear his rubberbands like he should. :) Schuyler's (Skylar) teeth are looking good, but there's this little space that shows when he smiles that needs to be closed. I get worn out telling him he needs to be wearing, now I just tell him..."well...if you want to have these things on until your 30, that's your choice." works everytime...LOL...NOT!

Anywhoo, I went in to see Dr. Kawakami right after Schuyler's appointment and he said everything is looking good. He's happy with how my teeth are moving, if ever so slowly but still the progress is coming along. I will probably be 50 when I get them off, we'll see! My next visit he wants to put on six braces and I'm trying to figure out where those six braces will be going because if it's on the top then my front two teeth will be bare...what a look that they will...I'll look like Jessica Rabbit! I'm just thrilled that the braces will be starting to go on. Surgery is months away, he said probably not for another year...WOW...that seems like forever! We were planning a trip to Europe next summer because we had to cancel it this summer due to my husbands auto accident he had back in September. He's on the mend but still is working on getting to 100%.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Insurance Say's "YES"...

WOW...I was shocked when I received the call from my OS office today. I had my consultation the beginning of May and we've been waiting to hear back from the insurance. That call came today and the insurance is going to cover my surgery. I was extrememly pleased and delighted because I really was making other plans because I really thought they'd deny it! I prayed that I could stay here in the states to be close to home and loved ones.

I am in "guarded excitment" right now, because the OS office still need to receive the official paperwork from the insurance company and the surgery isn't going to be for another 7-10 months. I will have to pay 20% of the surgery, hospital, anesthesiologist which is about what I would have paid going to Costa Rica for the surgery.

A good day all in all! I'll just keep praying everything works out accordingly.