Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Six New Lower Brackets & 1 TPA

Well today I had six new brackets put on the bottom, things seem to be moving right along. Dr. K wants to keep the lower expander in for now because it's doing such a good job and he's just not ready for it to come out. I can see a bit difference from May when it was installed. See the pic I posted in a earlier post. I did speak with him about surgery and he thinks that by May I would probably be ready but it's hard to say. I just want to get this moving, and I'm happy to see there's progress in my teeth. On my next visit I'll be getting bands around the molars and he'll start pulling everything back so I don't see too much more time before everything is moved before I have surgery. I've waited quite a few years to since my last orthodontics experience to have my jaw in the right position.