Thursday, May 14, 2009

Almost There...'s been a few months since I updated you all on what's been happening. Not much really...just have been patiently waiting to hear those much loved words "let's take them off"...yay! I had an ortho appointment yesterday and Dr. K said..."let's do it"! So...who knew it would take two more months to actually get them off but...hey...I'm not going to complain.

With my appointment yesterday they cut the wires right behind the canines and removed them from the back molars. I still have to wear one rubber band on each side until they say so, which is fine. Next visit in June they will remove the molar bands and let the teeth close up from that and they will take the impressions for my retainer. Then my next visit in July I will get them off and be sporting a brand spanking new retainer! Phew....

My bite is just perfect and I'm loving having my lips close naturally together now. That has been 48 years coming and it feels great!! I still have numbness from like my first molars forward on the lower jaw and I have prickly feelings to the touch in my lower lip and just in the middle of my chin area is still numb as numb can be. I'm hopeful that this will all resolve with more time as I've heard it can take up to a year and more to fully get most of the feeling I will put my patient hat on and just wait and pray that I get most of it back.

I will post an updated picture soon but for now that it! Getting excited for the big debracing day!


Katherine (Kate) said...

It's so good to hear from you, and that things are slowly and surely feeling more normal~ whatever that its, haha. Those tingles are a good thing. It must be hard to have that reminder and just be told "wait".

Wow! How wonderful to get you debracing plan of attack!!! I am so excited for you! Do you get a choice of retainer?

Keep enjoying that marvelously perfect bite you've got~ It was hard won and you earned it!

Take good care, Clarissa, and will keep praying that feeling comes ALL the way back :)

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you are doing better. I've been following your progress since about November. I'm one of those silent peeping toms of the internet world! I'm due to have the same procedure--bsso in who knows when. And I'm the same age so I'm really interested in your experiences. Maybe when I'm due to have my surgery I"ll create a blog...

Please keep us all posted, and know that I and others are really rooting for you and curious to know how it's all going.