Friday, May 22, 2009

Lost My Screws...

I was up and out the door this morning for my screw removal. Dr. Wood removed all six, four of which were poking through under my tongue so they needed to come out. I'm hopeful I won't have that metal taste in my mouth after the numbness goes away. They knocked me out with that funny stuff and I awoke to hear them still working in my mouth...last few's a good thing they were just about done as it was a bit painful when they were tugging on the the stitches. The wonderful news was that they were able to remove them from inside my mouth so no more stitches on the outside of jaw so I was so thrilled about that news. I have a bunch of stitches and I'm very sore and they sent me home with some Vicadin so that's helping with the pain. I'm on soft foods again for a few weeks as eveything heals back up and I go back in for my follow up.

It's pretty exciting to be nearing the end of my two year journey, the next pictures I post with be me bracefree!!


Clarissa said...


..if you see this post email me as I have been trying to post to your website since you're surgery and it won't let me. :(

Katherine (Kate) said...

What?!?! That's craziness!! Will email you asap!

But first, Did you keep those screw??? hahahha.